Glacier where sports, technology and lifestyle intersect.

"Glacier will be the first vertically integrated sports corporation ushering in the millennial athlete and entertainer.."
Breyon Prescott



Grammy Award Winner, Breyon Prescott has worked with Dr. Dre, Drake, Alicia Keys and assisted in the careers off some of the world’s biggest artists. Prescott signed and managed  Jaimie Foxx’s career, leading Foxx to win an Oscar, Golden Globe and a Grammy.

Glacier Worldwide is a Company where sports, technology and lifestyle intersect – creating a self – sustaining cultural ecosystem. Glacier will continue to influence culture as well as identify and connect with talent at the grassroots level, ushering in the wave of next – generation athletes and entertainers.

Glacier Worldwide offers vertically-integrated properties
and services to help monetize cultural capital.

  • Appearances
  • Big Brand Alliances
    Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing / Social
  • Endorsements
  • Live Events and Experiences
  • Representation / Advise / Consult


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